Condensing changes can't apply to instruments other than the first instrument

I’ve been having this problem in a few dorico scores so I wanted to figure it out in a test file and it makes sense. I use dorico 3.5 for this.
When I try to apply condensing changes to part of the score, I find that they will only apply to the first group of instruments, and there is no way to tick the different changes for other instruments without the first group checked. If the first group is checked, they don’t apply to the other instruments. I’ve included images of what I mean here to display. Is there any way to fix this? Or is this some sort of bug that changes for later versions?

I am unable to reproduce this, or unable to understand your issue, but I find that I can indeed select changes in other instrumental groups, and they do work.
Are you planning to make condensing changes to the horns? They have to be selected on the left in the condensing change dialog.

It is indeed a limitation of the current condensing functionality (not only in Dorico 3.5 but also in Dorico 5) that only the first instrument held by a player can be condensed. This is something that requires more development effort to address.

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All of the players in this score are only playing one instrument. It’s not a problem of the first instrument held by a player, it’s a problem for the first group in the entire score. If you see in the first image, I have only the horns 1,2 group ticked, and there is no ability to tick any of the condensing options. If I have the trumpets ticked as well, nothing changes for the horns.

Okay, now I’ve figured it out. I thought checking the box to select it was all that was necessary, but I didn’t realize that selecting the instrument as well made a difference. Thanks!

I guess you misinterpret the GUI.

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    You ticked the box for horns, so you can change the settings for the horns. BUT, you selected (blue highlight) the Trumpets. They aren’t ticked so you can’t change the settings.

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    you ticked both Trumpet and Horns. BUT you only selected the Trumpets so the changes only affect the Trumpets.

too late

Yes, because you might want to have different options for different groups.