Condensing changes note spacing?

Is it expected that condensing can change note spacing? The same 4 bars that look good in Uncondensed format, are being squeezed together in Condensed format in this fragment.



Yes, condensing can of course cause the note spacing to change, because music is not guaranteed to occupy the same amount of space when condensed. For example, any music that ends up with voices crossing will naturally occupy almost twice as much space as before, since the notes will be positioned next to each other. Do you have any forced system formatting in the bars you’re showing here?

I had the systems locked in these screenshots to check if that could make a difference, but even unlocked it shows them squeezed together as in this screenshot:

Yes, we’ve seen similar problems (e.g. here). In the meantime, create a system break at the final bar of the system and all will be well.

Andre, could you please send me this project, along with details of where in the music the spacing gets too squashed together so it’s easy for me to find it? You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Thanks!

I have send you the project, Daniel. Thanks!

Andrew, the lead developer on condensing (and indeed on note spacing and page layout more generally), has fixed this problem, so it won’t trouble you once the next update is available.

Cool, thanks to you both!