Condensing/combining issue

Hi there,

I am trying to combine/condense (score extract attached) Horns 3+4 in a separate layout. It does not work for the first few bars, but then does fully as expected. I have no clue as to why… I have checked “condense” as well as added a condense group. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SLExtract.dorico (1.4 MB)

I’m not entirely sure how you got into this state, but if I go to the Full Score layout, turn on Voice Colors (View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors), everything looks fine.

However, if I then select and delete the first two bars (which are theoretically empty) some red rests (in another voice) show up in Horn 3:

Select those first two bars and delete their content again:

and you’ll find that everything condenses just fine in your separate Horn 3+4 layout:

I wish I could explain why!

Thank you @pianoleo - would not have found this myself.

How can a red rest (what does red actually mean here?) appear behind a blue rest, only to be seen after deleting a blue rest? I was experimenting with voices (combining 2 voices into one player), before thinking of using condensing, maybe this was a leftover.