Condensing/Combining Staves

I have ~25 parts in a song, and I need all the parts for a score. The problem is that since there are so many parts, everything is too small to read. Right now I have the separate parts written out in the score (one staff for flute 1, one for flute 2, etc.). Is there any way to condense/combine staves with the same instrument?

I’m afraid there’s no automatic way to produce a condensed score at the moment, no. This is definitely something that we are planning to tackle in the future, though.

Is there any way to combine two parts onto a single staff manually (besides entering in each note individually)?

It’s not very easy to do at the moment because you can’t copy and paste music into different voices easily. The sort of thing you could try is to add a new player holding (say) a flute, and then copy the music from the flute 1 staff into that new player’s staff, then select a note in the flute 2 staff and from the right-click menu choose Voice > Default Stem Down, then copy and paste that music into the new player’s staff. That should give you two voices on the same staff – you can then go back and set the flute 2’s staff back to Default Stem Up if you like.

However, you don’t then really have any good way of combining the two voices together, so you will end up having to delete and reinput some of the music to achieve that.

The forthcoming update will make at least this aspect of the work easier, as it has quite a lot of new commands for working with voices, and also selection filters so that you can include and exclude certain types of things from the selection before copying (or afterwards to delete redundant things).

Great, thanks! I was just a little confused, since on the help website in Higher-Level Concepts it says that I can condense scores easily.

We should probably change that! Thanks for letting me know.