Condensing confusion...

When turning on condensing, two trombone parts will share stems for most of the score, but occasionally will show up and down stems as if something is different. The two parts never cross in the piece. Trombone 2 always stays below or unison with trombone 1.

I’m not able to figure out how to fix it. I am assuming there is some hidden difference between those two measures in the example, but I can’t find it.

Is there a quick check of some setting that could possibly be forcing the up/down stems in these bars, yet not in others?

I’m stumped.


That functionality is planned, but not yet present. Condensing is more of a tech preview at this point.

Doug, if you want me to take a look at your project, I’d be happy to do so. As I’ve often said, in particular when dealing with queries concerning condensing, it’s only really possible to diagnose what’s happening if you attach the project itself rather than a picture. Better still if you can cut it down to just the affected players in a handful of bars.

What seems to be different is that the parts are in unison, and the dual stems are the alternative Dorico currently prefers to an “a 2” notation.


I have uploaded a cut down version via email.

Interesting that the cut down version was 2.7mb with only 4 lines and less than 25 measures… so I couldn’t post it to the forum due to size.


That will be the playback data: once you’ve cut it down, you can do Play > Playback Template and either reapply the default template or, even better, apply the Silence template to shrink the project file size by the maximum amount. I’ll look at the project you’ve emailed me as soon as I get a chance.