Condensing contortion

Hi everyone, is there a way to force the Bassoons to show both voices in the first bar when condensing the example below? Here’s Dorico:

And the mss:

In researching this I’ve read that perhaps an excerpt from the file is best attached, and I can certainly do that if needed.

Never mind, I found it!

You can change this option for all players in the flow at once, rather than just selected condensing groups from a specific point onwards, in Library > Notation Options > Condensing (which is what these options in the Condensing Change dialog override).

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Thanks Lillie, that would make a lot more sense. Do you use Dorico too? :slight_smile:

Maybe that was a joke, but just in case it wasn’t : Lillie does use Dorico and is in charge for the whole documentation in Dorico. Meaning : she’s written the whole user guide.
And she’s also a (successful) composer, so yes, she knows the tool!


I’m sure Glynn knows who Lillie is, as he joined the forum 16 months before she did. :slight_smile: