condensing creating irregular barlengthes

skipping a quarternote.png
I just tried to condense a large percussion part with five players changing instruments quite frequently. I followed the suggestions to create a group for each player and to include all instruments this single player has to play. When turning on the condensing option I realised, that instrument changes within a bar end up in displaying incorrect bar lengthes. In my case either an 8th or a Quarter rest just disappeared.
So this condensing feature is not yet usable for more than amateur notation tasks.
Since there are nearly no options for the user of the program to correct this bug by manual interaction I’d like to ask the programmers to investigate and solve the problem asap. It’s giving me a hard time since the deadline of the project is very close by now …
I would have expected that Dorico would be capable to follow this basic notation rule.

I’m sorry you’ve run into this problem, but it should be possible to come up with a workable solution. I suggest you add the unpitched percussion instruments held by the player to a percussion kit, then arrange the different instruments in different staff positions in the five-line staff presentation type. Then Dorico need only switch between the five-line kit presentation and the pitched staves belonging to the tuned percussion instruments held by the player. This will reduce or eliminate mid-bar instrument changes, which is where the problem you’re experiencing occurs.

The reason for the problem is that Dorico creates the instrument change immediately after the last note played by the instrument. It prefers to put the instrument change at a barline, but if the next note on the new instrument is sooner than the next barline then it has to put the instrument change at that position. If there is no suitable rest starting at the position of the end of the note on the original instrument, then there’s no rest for Dorico to show for the new instrument, so you end up with one or more beats missing.

When will this problematic behaviour be corrected?
My problem is, that if I set up a grid notation, I would have to combine pitched and unpitches instruments since the player has to play other pitched instruments too. I suppose the result would be unreadable since there are too many different instruments, that I would have to combine into one grid…
So I ask you, please fix this program issue. I’m for sure not the only composer running into this problem.

You do not have to put every instrument a Player holds into a kit, so you should be able to combine techniques.

hi Derrek, in case you need just a few single notes to be played by a certain instrument, it would be really helpful to be able to hide the empty bars and have the player’s part displayed in a condensed way. If I exclude the instrument from a kit or from the player, then I cannot make Dorico show, that this seprarate staff belongs to a certain player … I couldn’t find a way yet to join two staves by connecting them with the barlines …

I didn’t say to exclude instrument from the Player, just the Kit.

You could also have two “players” assigned to a single layout; but even with Hide Empty Staves for that layout, that would imply separate staves when instruments on both were “in play” in the same system.