Condensing difficulty

I am having difficulty condensing the music of two horn players in Eb who subsequently move to instruments in Bb at the same time. I have attached a short sample file that demonstrates the problem—the two horns in Eb are not condensing. I’m probably missing something basic but haven’t been able to sort it out. Suggestions?

Condensing troubles with instrument changes.dorico (549.4 KB)

There is the existing limitation in Dorico currently that only the primary instruments held by players can condense.

Thanks, @RobinHoffmann, I missed that point. Here, though, I wonder why Dorico treats the horns in Bb as the primary instruments even though both players start out on instruments in Eb. I suppose it might have something to do with which horns were added to the project first, which may have been the Bb instruments.

Yes, I’d say that is the likely reason.