Condensing divisi across sections / Staff labels

I’m struggling to achieve a certain staff layout that it seems should now be possible. I have a flow that requires Violins 1 to divide where the lower line is in unison with tutti Violins 2 for the duration. I need this to be reflected on two staves rather than three, in order to accurately represent the manuscript:

  • Upper Vn. 1 (labeled “Unis. [col Ob.]”)

  • Lower Vn. 1 + tutti Vn. 2 (labeled “Ripieno”)

Is there a way to do this “properly” with condensing, or will I have to resort to hiding the Vn. 2 staff manually in the full score? I’ve tried dividing Vn. 1 equally and also in the “solo/gli altri” manner. I’ve looked through the documentation and also tried a manual condensing change, but that shows an error (exclamation within a triangle) and I am not allowed to click “Okay.”

Additionally: It was previously possible to use divisi to change staff labels locally (divide, then delete one of the divisions and rename the other). Now that is no longer possible, which has removed some functionality for me until true local staff label changes are possible. Does another workaround exist to achieve staff label changes without creating new players for individual flows?

You can’t do this “properly” because when Violin 1 is divisi, its remaining “gli altri” staff cannot be condensed with another player, I’m afraid.