Condensing divisi in the violas does not work, and other condensing trouble

I wrote divisi in the violas and would like to condense them. The celli have divisi in them, and they condense just fine. Also, I want to create a custom condensing for the hrns - 1/3 and 2/4, which I do know how to do, but when I do it in Dorico 5, it crashes.
Ulf_Müller_TSE17_Safe_Return.dorico (1.5 MB)

  1. You need to enable condensing (and condense divisi) on your string layouts (Layout Options>Players>Condensing…)
  2. You need to move the notes you want viola2 to play to viola2!
  3. For this sort of divisi (occasional double-stops) you don’t need divisi. Just mark the chords as div. with staff text - and often even that is omitted.
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as @Janus said, there really no need to use the divisi and condensing option for a passage like this.
It’s really tempting, to use divisi and condensing, because Dorico gives you those great features.

Just write everything as a chord and use a “div.” text.

In general:
Use the Divisi, if you need to split the group in score and part, mainly for readability.
Use Condensing, if you want a condensed score and split parts (like woodwinds, brass, etc).

the crash is weird, if you add a manual condensing it worked fine. Maybe upload a diagnostic report.

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Yes, thank you! Moving the divisi Vla notes to the second Vla staff did the job.

…But it seems that the custom condensing of the hrn 12/3, 2/4 still makes Dorico crash, when I have Condense Divisi enabled .

I generally do not use divisi with 4 Horns. Since each player gets a separate part, I use a separate player for each rather than treating them as a divided section player.

(This forum seems to have a slight difficulty when one asks two questions and mark a solution when only the first has been solved. Presumably the Team keeps monitoring these threads.)

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The manual condensing change works here. But I don’t know what causes the crash, if you try to change it in the Layout Options.

Ulf_Müller_TSE17_Safe_Return COND_CHANGE.dorico (1.6 MB)

I created 4 new horns, copied the music and deleted the old ones. Now it works with the Layout Options

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Thank you @Nukkul !! Tried your approach, and it worked fine.