Condensing divisi sections with same notes/different playing techniques

Can’t figure out exactly how to get what I want here. I would like one line of music with a shift-X text indication (“1/2 section arco, 1/2 section col legno”), split into two staves in the part. I can do this with Manual Condensing, hiding all the player labels and playing techniques etc, so long as there are no chords (double stops), but as soon as there are, each one has unwanted unison noteheads. I can hide these manually using Properties, but when hiding leger lines, the positions of the hidden noteheads throughout the system have a tendency to reverse themselves, necessitating going back and fixing them again, etc. There has to be an easier way to do this right?

Dorico 4.3.30

I wanted to know how to do this as well. I believe that when you do divisi for strings you should always highlight the element in the music, right click > create divisi then restore uni afterwards instead of simply adding chords to a single staff.

Then I know in Layout Options you can chose to condense divisi or not.

What I don’t know how to do is manually override this so that way you can chose when this gets condensed and when it shows as separate. Is this even possible?

As you’ve found, Dorico won’t automatically condense divisi sections together if double stops are involved, and it will show unison noteheads if you manually condense double stops together – there’s no option for this, I’m afraid.

Interesting, but good to know.

I did find a workaround that actually worked—hiding the noteheads did not (I found that even once I managed to get all the “correct” noteheads and leger lines hidden, changes to the layout anywhere else, even on other pages, would flip their positions at random). Essentially it required not condensing the relevant system, using Manual Staff Visibility to hide the extra staves, and then editing the divisi label to read “1/2 arco, 1/2 col legno” and hiding the playing techniques. In circumstances where the notes/chords were not in unison throughout, it would have required a more complicated use of Manual Staff Visibility (creating new, separate staves for just that system with the desired visual appearance and then hiding all of the actual string staves).

(That said, the only other circumstance in which I’d want to condense a divisi passage involving unison double/triple/quadruple stops would be when they only take up part of a bar, since switching from unison to divisi, or vice versa, in the middle of a bar is still quite problematic in Dorico in terms of things like staff labels, beam groups, slurs, dynamics, playing techniques, etc.)