Condensing Divisi

Hi, I’m trying to understand why Dorico is condensing some of my divisi lines (for the same instrument) but not others I’m sure its something simple but if anyone can assist I’d be grateful, thanks… I don’t seem to be able to upload any docs - what format is usually attached? thanks!

Specifics will be important. Reading and responding to additional posts here will soon up your status to where you can post.
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A quick common one is the setting (in Notation Options > Condensing) for pitch crossing - if notes on the 2nd line are higher than notes at the same position on the 1st line 2+ times in the same phrase (= between rests or within a system), then by default Dorico won’t condense onto a single staff. You can change the pitch crossing threshold or revise your pitch-to-part allocation, for e.g.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris! I have unlimited pitch crossing selected but still getting issues

In that case seeing the project file itself (or a duplicate version cut down to the relevant section provided it still demonstrates the issue) really will be necessary. As Derrek suggests, if you don’t yet have the forum permission to add a file to a reply, try reading through threads for ten minutes or so. Your additional reply here should also count towards your trust level.

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Thanks @Lillie_Harris - I’ve pasted a link below. If anyone can help, that would be great, I’m sure its something obvious I’ve missed! Thanks, Helen

[Dropbox - Spill Str. Divisi Query.dorico - Simplify your life]

In this particular case it seems to be that the divisi change on the cellos at bar 13 is midway through the first beat. If you move it (Alt-left/right to move it by the rhythmic grid, currently set to eighths/quavers) it’ll work correctly as long as the divisi change is on beat 1, beat 3 or beat 4 - basically anywhere there’s a visible note or rest.

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Ah, that was exactly it! Thanks so much - I was hoping it was something trivial like that!