Condensing does not work, yet again

I have yet another issue with condensing! I want hrn 1/2 and hrn 3/4 to be condensed. Dorico either condenses 1/2/3 and leaves 4 on a single stave, or condenses 3/4 1/2 and leaves 3 and 4 on singles staves, each, no matter what I input into the condensing dialogue in Layout Options. All the rest condenses just fine, even with different notes in similar instruments. Only the hrns are treated differently.

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Please attach the project, or at least a cut-down version of it that contains the troublesome passage, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Thank you @dspreadbury - here it is. Dropbox - Ulf Müller TSE 22 1rst formative - Jurrasic Park.dorico - Simplify your life

Thanks for providing the score. If you want Horns 1 and 2, and Horns 3 and 4 to condense consistently, I would advise setting up appropriate custom condensing groups on the Players page of Layout Options. Horn 3 and 4 won’t condense onto the same staff because their pitches cross too often. Go to the Condensing page of Notation Options and set Pitch crossing approach to Allow unlimited pitch crossing.

Thank you @dspreadbury !! Yes that does make sense - horn 3/4 cross too often. Didn´t notice that. It was only a very first draft. I threw everything onto the stave and now I´m pushing things around.
I did try and group them together in the Players page, as you layed out, but it still didn´t happen - now I know why.

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Condensing, when understood, can be a great proofreading tool.
Did I cross notes accidentally?
Do I have mismatching dynamics, playing techniques etc…?


I keep running into those condensing problems!!! When I condense in this project two things happen: 1. the trumpets, which play exactly the same, all dynamics, et care the same, do not condense, and 2. something weird happens - Dorico condenses some string parts and some WW parts together into a new stave. ???

Here is the project:
Some Kind of Tango.dorico (2.8 MB)

It looks like there are two systems on that page and the bottom of the first system overlaps onto the top of the second.

Well, that is the problem. No clue how it comes about!!!

You’ll need to manually add a frame break at bar 71 to push that system onto the next page. Dorico has to make a guess based on how much it believes will likely fit on a single page but it does so before the music is condensed, so sometimes it is wrong and puts too much on the page.

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And the trumpets are not condensing because you’ve set up trumpet 1 as a solo player and the second trumpet as a section player (a section of trumpets instead of a single trumpet).


Thank makes sense, thank you! How can I combine the two trumpets? Do I have to create a new section and then move the instruments to the new players?

You need to make a new solo player as a new empty handed player, put them in the correct order in the list for second trumpet, and then move the trumpet 2 instrument from the “hands” of the trumpet 2 section player to the “hands” of the empty handed solo player. Then you can delete the new empty handed section player, which was previously the “trumpets 2” section player.

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