Condensing don't work correctly in my PC SOLVED

Good evening everyone
I have a problem with the “condensing” function.

all the settings I choose are ignored, as you can see in the screenshots.

Also after activating condensing I cannot select anything. The notes are not selected and so the rest. Practically Dorico is “frozen”. I can not do anything.

I also attach the project, which was created only to test the condensing functions. It was created with Dorico 3.1

Can you help me please? (1.34 MB)

Dorico is condensing exactly as intended.
Both of the options in your screenshot regard unison notes - none of the chords in your file are unison.

If you want stems up/stems down notation, you need to add a Condensing Change at bar 1 of your flow, and set it to use Manual Condensing (at the bottom). Then tell it to put Soprano in Upstem Voice 1 and Alto in Downstem Voice 1 on one stave, then Tenor in Upstem Voice 1 and Bass in Downstem Voice 1 in a second stave.

You’re not supposed to be able to edit condensed notation in its condensed form - either switch off condensing or switch to Galley view to edit.

Thank you very much Pianoleo…