Condensing eight horns

I can’t find a seting to replicate the original score from Richard Strauss:

I created groups for Horn 1-4 and Horn 5-8. This is what I see in Dorico:

Is there a setting I am missing to condense the score like the original?

Shift - Cmd/Ctrl + N → Condensing → Whole-phrase unison approach → allow single-stem unison

Edit. sry, had a wrong combination of voices

If you add a manual condensing change which puts horns 1 and 3 in the up-stem voice and puts horns 2 and 4 in the down-stem voice, you get this:

To condense the score like the original, you could hide the lower tuplets, flip the down-stem beams and adjust those beams to match the up-stem beams in engrave mode, but that takes quite a lot of effort.

Hi @HeiPet ,

(I just see that @johnkprice hat answerd with another option, i’ll leave my answer here anyway since it mentions another possibility, hiding noteheads , thougt also time consuming)

I think that at the moment it is not possible to have the four horns condensed like in the original from Strauss. Of course I will be glad if somebody shows the contrary.

See Condensing ignoring unisons, not responding to condensing changes

You could have 1. and 3. a2 in a voice (upstem), and 2. and 4. a2 in another voice (downstem) with a condensing change but not all of them in one voice (with everything in one voice, in engrave mode, you could hide the duplicated noteheads of the unisons, but that may be a lot of work).

It’s possible, but for a whole score, painful.

Thanks for your help. I think I will go for Horn 1+3 as an upstem voice and Horn 2+4 as an downstem voice. Perhaps one day (tomorrow?) we will be able to do this without a lot of manual work.

Does a condensing change that gives you exactly the desired result constitute “a lot of work”? Seems pretty simple to me.

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No, but a condensing change doesn’t allow me to write the music exactly like in Strauss original (see above), which was my goal.

One follow up question:

Concerning the name layout, it possible to have 1-4 and 5-8 instead of and, that takes too much space?