Condensing - extraneous a2 labels

I have a score in which many instances of unisons show extraneous a2 labels. The attached picture shows one example of many: two bars in which flutes are unison for 8 phrases. Dorico places the a2 at the beginning of each phrase. This happens frequently, but not everywhere in the score. What could be the cause?

Note: In order to meet a deadline, I hid the extra labels. I’m now backtracking to learn how to manage this properly.

The cause is that Dorico starts a new phrase (for condensing purposes) every time both/all players in the condensing group have rests. In your case, this is every few notes.

Though it’s obviously not ideal in these circumstances, the way you’ve fixed it is the only way at the moment.

Thanks for the prompt and clear reply. It’s good to know to allow for this cleanup activity until Dorico’s condensing gets even smarter.