Condensing for Choir

I love the condensing feature, but I’m having a couple difficulties that I haven’t seen reported elsewhere yet.

  1. Clef Choice - Most of the work I do is SATB. When I condense the parts, the Tenor and Bass are written on on the octave G clef rather than using the bass clef.

  2. Lyric placement - I typically attach the lyrics to the Soprano part, but when I condense the soprano lyrics are moved above the top stave, rather than staying between the staves where they should be. I’ve been getting around this by attaching the lyrics to the tenor voice, but that is generally not a good solution for other reasons. Unless I am missing something, there is very little control over lyric placement.

These have both been reported recently on the forum. Search for “+condensing +choir.”

Daniel stated from the outset of the implementation of condensing that the clef issue would be addressed quickly. I’m not sure all what he’s said about lyrics, but this is also something I’m confident will be addressed sooner rather than later, even if it is not the very next update before the end of the year.

For the time being, I’d be tempted just to use the Soprano and Bass staves, hiding the empty Alto and Tenor, and add second voices.

Condensing is really only for where you need separate part layouts shown together on the full score: you’re not going to give singers individual parts. (I hope!)