Condensing: force view slurs?

To everyone at Dorico team: fantastic work and I cannot even begin to imagine the tech and effort “behind the scenes” when it comes to giving us the condensing feature.

I was wondering what the logic behind hiding slurs is in condensed view. In this example it would be logical for a slur to appear in the second voice as well. I can’t seem to find a way to force a slur to appear. Are there solutions for this yet?
condensation, slurs.png

No, there aren’t any options for this yet, but we know that there are differing opinions about how slurs should be condensed, and even whether the presence of a slur should prevent condensing with another voice, and you can expect some more control over this in future.

Thank you Daniel! I just discovered it seems that setting the second voice slur style as “solid”, in effect producing no visible difference in the look of the slur, forces the slur to appear when condensed. Interesting, but a solution nonetheless :slight_smile:

Yes, this works because Dorico compares the properties belonging to the two slurs when determining whether they are identical, so even if they appear the same, if their properties differ they will prevent shared-stem condensation.