Condensing horns - unexpected results

I’m afraid I still haven’t got the hang of condensing, though I have read as widely as I can, including in and John’s excellent video. It’s my four horns that are creating the most puzzlement. There are passages with doubled notes, for example, which I’ve been able to sort out following John’s instructions, but I’d really like to know what’s going on between bars 206 and 210 of the attached cut-down score (which comprises nothing but the horn staves from one flow of the orchestral score). Symffoni flow 1, horns only.dorico (1.1 MB)
Understanding Dorico’s reasoning behind why the four horns aren’t condensed into one staff would, I hope, help me with other issues in the score.
Here’s the galley view of the passage in question (all horns in treble clef, by the way, and ordered 1,2,3,4 from the top down, and this is from the un-cut-down score):

And here’s page view:

As you can see, horn 3 has its own staff.
Now, I tried all sorts of ways of getting everything to match between the four horn staves, including deleting all the material in the passage and then re-inputting the 1st horn part from scratch, duplicating down to other four staves and repitching; inputting the complete four-part harmony in the 1st horn and expanding to the other staves; and creating a new score with nothing but four horns in it, creating the passage from scratch there and pasting it into pre-emptied staves in the full score. This, for me, is where is became interesting. Here is the galley view of the complete mini-score:

And the page view of the same:

…which is exactly what I was aiming for, and proof (I assumed) that the positioning etc. of all four staves was identical.
However, when I pasted the material into the full score, I got exactly the distribution shown in the second image above, with its separated 3rd horn.
You will see many attempts at condensing changes in the uploaded score - some of them successful (e.g. at letter H) and others probably ill-judged, but I had tried using various means to ensure that the passage in question was following Layout Options settings.
I haven’t even looked yet at other places in the horn staves which I feel would benefit from condensing changes, nor yet at other instruments in the score (not shown, of course, in the attached file), but if I could learn how to deal with this one issue I’d be in a better position to understand the rest of it. Thanks in advance.

Your Condensing Change at Bar 182 is set to Reset. So, it ignores your voicing setup. If you set that to Manual Condensing, it should cooperate better.

Ah, yes - this setting:

separates the four horns nicely for the duet between 1 and 3 and the entrance of 2 and 4 later.
And if I use this setting at 191:
it gives me, at 206 - 210, exactly what I’ve been striving for for hours on end!
What a great forum this is. Thanks once again, Craig.

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