Condensing---How do I do this?

How do I do this.PNG

It’s a simple unison, so basically, duplicating the bar between the two instruments should work — provided the right options are chosen.
Could you explain why you’re having a problem, it would be easier to help!

It always shows “a 2” instead. I can’t find the right option.

Thanks, now we know what your problem is. Honestly (I suppose you’ve checked the different notation options available), this might be a case where a more granular control would be necessary to achieve your goal. I suppose it’s the whole “musical phrase”? You cannot fake a difference in rhythm that would compell Dorico into choosing a different option?

Also, how do I make it not show numbers when only on player is playing? (The location of the whole rest in relation to the notes would still indicate which player is playing.)

At the moment, any label that you don’t want to appear has to be hidden by way of selecting it in Engrave mode and activating the ‘Hide’ property.

Okay. : (

Hopefully you’ll still find that with the hours that the automation provided by condensing will save you, you’ll still just about come out ahead…

: )