Condensing identical horns still divides them

I’m finding condensing changes hard going, even after having read a lot of posts and watched the instructional videos. For example, I can’t figure out why the horns start and finish this system a4, but divide in a strange way ( 1. stems up, 2.3. and 4. stems down) and then revert to a4. The material in all four staves are identical - I have copied 2, 3 and 4 down from 1 and also tried copying 3 into 1, 2 and 4, but each attempt gets the same result. I can live with it, of course, and I know that there are more complex problems along the line, but it’d be useful to know why Dorico chooses to display these few bars as it does.

Make sure all your dynamic markings are linked. If they aren’t identical, they won’t condense perfectly.

Or check that you haven’t ended up with extra dynamics hidden behind the grouped ones, or something like that.

If they’re definitely playing exactly the same music, deleting the contents of these bars on 3 of the staves and copying/pasting the remaining part back can sometimes fix up any discrepancies.

Yes, I already tried completely deleting the music from three of the staves and pasting the remaining one into them, but no luck.

Sharing the project (or a cut-down version) is probably going to be necessary for any further advice.

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Sorted! It was the dynamics after all. Despite the fact that I’d deleted absolutely everything from the destination staves before pasting absolutely everything from the source staff, the dividing was still happening. But then I tried deleting the dynamics from the source and pasting the notes and rests from it to the three destination staves - success! I then re-created the dynamics in the source from scratch and pasted them too. I now have the exact result I’d been seeking. So at least now I know that dynamics can be the suspects in this kind of situation. Thanks.