Condensing in vocal score

I need some help with this score. A choir SATB, that is condensed with a reasonable result, but nevertheless some problems:
This is how it looks in write mode

And this in Engrave mode with condensing turned on:

Bar 20 and 21 in the bass/tenor, why isn’t there split stems all the way?
Is there some hidden error, that triggers Dorico to put the C/F and the Bb/Ab on the same stem?
It would be SO nice if I could use the condensed mode here because I have to create a rehearsal track for each voice, and as I am using Noteperformer, this will only be possible if each voice is on it’s own track - I hope you get it. The file is here! I hope you can help!
Herlev (1.2 MB)

Regards Stig

Have you checked the various condensing options set for this flow in Library > Notation Options > Condensing?

Which version of Dorico are you using, and which layout are you looking at?
In 4.2 I see this in the All Vocals layout the project opened with:

Following @pianoleo’s post. If you change the bar 18 Condensing Change to put the Bass in a down stem voice…
You will get this…

Yes I use 4.2 Mac.
And the layout is All Vocals.

Yes I know that I can do it manually, but I’m interested in knowing why Dorico wont do it automatically.

I also have this issue:

Tenor/bass in write mode:

And this in the condensed version:

… where are the tenors in bar 119? They are suddenly in the soprano/alto staff?

No, the Sopranos and Altos are in the S.A. staff; they just happen to have the same material as the tenors.

The fact of the matter is that your tenors split into two separate voices at bar 119, and this is incompatible with Condensing (see the second note on this page).

You have a Condensing Change at bar 18 that puts both the Tenors and Basses into a single (upstem) voice. This is, I think, the opposite of what you actually want.

Edit the Condensing Change to move the Bass into a Downstem Voice, and move the Condensing Change back to the first entry. You’ll probably then want to delete all of the lyrics belonging to the Tenor voice, or those will be duplicated throughout.

You’ll then need to either reset condensing via another Condensing Change towards the end, enabling the Tenors and Basses to exist on separate staves for the Coda, or move the underlying Tenor material into a single voice from 119 to the end.

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You are right. But excuse me for going on! In this ex. the tenors/bas are written as unis. In the soprano/alto the same phrase but written with opposite stems.
Is it possible to force Dorico to write them as unis. To rephrase how does Dorico know to write unis line as “unis.”?

Notation options>Condensing>Unisons>Mid-phrase unison approach:
Select “Allow mid-phrase unisons”

I forgot to upload the jpg!!

The Notation Options for mid-phrase unisons and whole-phrase unisons govern this.

However, if you insert a Condensing Change that specifies Manual Condensing (as you’ve done, at least in the project you shared) then Dorico’s hands are tied: it will do exactly what’s specified in the Manual Condensing settings until you reset with another Condensing Change (or until the end of the flow).

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In the file you has uploaded:
The staff attached text “Tutti unis.” at bar 53 is attached just to the soprano staff, if you duplicate that text to the staff below (or if you delet it to begin with) and has “allow mid-phrase unison” selected, then i think you’ll get waht you expected.
And, of course, what Pianoleo says.