Condensing inconsistency

One of my projects seems to have an issue with condensing.
I have a string quartet where each player has two staffs/instruments (the second one being for some bowing techniques and effects). Everything’s working fine, except that the first violin will constantly show the two staffs in page view.
I checked all the condensing options I could think of, and everything seems fine to me (it is not excluded form condensing, and condensing is on since it is working perfectly for the other instruments).
Is my file corrupted? Is there anything I can do to solve the problem?
Thanks in advance!

There will be something specific to the project. Please upload the project, or Save As a new file, cut down to just the relevant instruments and bars (maybe up to the end of the second page) then upload that.

Here it is (Violin part, first pages): CondensingProblem.dorico (3.2 MB)
Hope that helps

My guess is because it’s a percussion staff.


It is percussions also in the other instruments (not included in the document I sent), but there condensing works flawlessly. Also why shouldn’t percussion instruments condense like all other instruments?

Ah, didn’t know that. Then I don’t know.


At bar 27 you have a (redundant) purple “-1 staff” signpost. Select and delete it - Dorico can’t condense instruments that have varying numbers of staves.

In this excerpt, at least, you shouldn’t need Condensing at all. Regular instrument changes should handle all of this automatically, subject to the same restriction on numbers of staves not varying.


Aaaah now I see it. I was trying to get something to be shown in a different way, didn’t manage, and forgot to properly delete all the unnecessary manipulations I had done. My bad, I didn’t even see that signpost there, I feel a bit ashamed. Thank you for the solution!
Indeed, condensing isn’t needed at all, as regular instrument changes do it correctly (now that I have deleted the signpost). I was trying to have that bar 26 displayed on a new lower stave but still showing the empty one above (as it is spoken/whispered text, I believe it should always appear on a separate but simultaneous stave from the “instrumental” line). Still didn’t come up with a convincing solution, I might open a new thread for that though.