Condensing Instrument Names Question

Does anyone know how to make the instrument names follow the formula “Clarinet 1 in B flat” instead of “Clarinet in B flat 1” ? (but with the actual flat symbol)

without it doing this when it condenses: clcondensing

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to make condensing names plural: e.g. Oboes 1.2 instead of Oboe 1.2

The answer to the first question is that you’ll have to wait. The available Layout Options in Dorico for iPad include a setting for the number to appear before the transposition, so the chances are that option will find its way into Dorico 4, whenever that appears.

As to plurals, no, these don’t currently work.

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Ok, thank you! Glad to know we will likely be able to have the instrument number before the transposition in the next version! I very much hope we will be able to customize condensing instrument names soon.