Condensing is not kept in the next flow


I work on a symphony with 4 movements, each movement is a flow of course.

Everything works fine for the woodwinds in the condensed format, but here is a weird thing :

Clarinets in Bb do condense on the flows 1, 2 and 4.

Clarinets in C does not condense on the flow 3!

I checked on all the parameters and I still don’t see how this happens. I tried all the tricks in the bag (Condensed Change, Layout Option and so on)

Is there something I missed? Is it about the instrument change?

Thank you for your help,


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yes, that is, because condensing works for the first instrument of a player only.
A workaround will be to create another two players, holding a clarinet in C (only) and assigning them to flow 3 (only).
For the instrumental part layout you can recombine two players into one layout. That is the player holding the B flat clarinet and the player holding the C clarinet.


Thank you, K_B


By the way,

Is it possible to even the heights of the rest figures in condensed score ?


It is not, at present, no. This is something we plan to add in future versions.