Condensing issue flutes

Hi, I have two problems here: one is that in bar 5 (see attached cutdown) the rests of Flutes 1 and 2 are not condensing, I know Dorico does not yet do that but I need a quarter rest in that point, does anyone know any workaround?
The second issue is in from bar 7 onwards: the 1st flute does not show if condensed, just the II in bars 12-13, why? I’ve tried to reset the condensation of the flutes and rewriting that portion of the music but nothing changes, the “fun” fact is that it showed properly last time i opened the file ( before updating to 5.1).
Can someone help?
Tosca cutout.dorico (2.0 MB)

Hi @gies.andreas
For Bar 5 I upload another version of the file without issue (for bar 5 rest of fl.1&2)… Instead of using a tuplet 2:3, I used a hidden 1/4 and the in the 6/8 an pickup of three eights: now the rest looks right (you need then to delete the rests of the horns in both 1/4 bar, and 6/8 pickup)

Tosca cutout-batt.5 corretta.dorico (1.5 MB)

the other problems I look at now…

You do not need your hidden 2:3 tuplets at all. You can start the 6/8 half way through the bar5 with shift-M 6/8,3 and everything condenses perfectly.

Hi @gies.andreas
I was able to solve your issue (but I don’t know the technical reason for it: probably some barlines/time signatures that was created before…)
I post a video with the short explanation of what I did (used my corrected version from the previous post, so ignore that I created a condensing change in my previous tries…)

Hi @gies.andreas
after some mor experimenting I found an irregular bar hiding in Flute 1, causing the condensing problems. Here a short video with the explanation (I used your original posted file for this).

[addition: I forgot, after deleting the barline and signpost, to select the 6/8, and with cmd/control click also the remaining blue 6/8 so that they are all selected, and apply the 6/8 with pickup time signature: 6/8,3]

@Christian_R - as I pointed out above, the tuplets are all unnecessary…

You’re right, fixed, thanks!

Thank you very much for your time! I managed to fix everything!

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Hi @Janus

Yes I know: I just used, in my example video, the first example posted by @gies.andreas , that had jet the tuplets in it, to show him the bar irregularity in flute 1 in bar 7)

But now, as I was trying to solve the condensing problem editing backwards the original posted file (delete the tuplets, the 6/8 time signatures/signpost and dashed barline in bar 5, to reapply directly the shift+M and 6/8,3 in the middle of bar 5, after the g of oboe for example) a couple of things occurred, and maybe someone can clarify this:

-after deleting the tuplets signposts, an extra eight note rest appears after the second eight note (I am curious to know where does it come from? It seems an expected behaviour after deleting tuplets…?), but ok you can delete the rest afterwards with insert mode on global.

-after deleting the signpost in bar 6, it appear clearly that in flute 1 there is an irregular bar (bar 6 in flute 1 is only 3 eights long), as I already showed in my previous video, witch I think was causing the condensing problem

-after further deleting the 6/8 and the dashed barline, and then inputting the new meter as 6/8,3, this doesn’t solve the condensing problem, for me.

The only way I found to solve the condensing problem for flute 1 is to make sure that flute 1 has no irregular bars, as I said: delete (in galley view) the barline at beginning of bar 7, and the again, the barline just before the flute entrance, and then delete also the 2 signposts created after deleting this barlines.

Could you try my steps (if and when you have time of course :slight_smile: )and see if I missed something? Thanks.
(I know that sometimes is good, to solve a problem, to rewrite the passage again, in a linear way, with a new approach, but I like to be able to solve such problems also backwards.)

Of course (Sorry I skipped over the step of deleting unnecessary meter changes). My main point was that the passage needed no special treatment in the first place.

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yes, I did so, I firstly blocked the the bars after 13 (which is not actually 13 but almost 200 of a 1300 bars flow…) with that pretty new function not to make a mess on all the stuff afterwards then I deleted that sign post and reimput the 6/8 with pick as @Janus pointed out and then I erased that tiny eight note bar (and used insert mode to push everything a step backwards…

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You are welcome @gies.andreas !

Another little suggestion about layout if I may …(if you already know all this, apologies, maybe someone else could be interested):

you created the copyright information in one text frame that you created directly on the layout in engrave mode.
This causes some things that may or not be advantageous:

-it creates an override (the red triangle in the Pages section, up right), that is better to avoid

-you also deleted text frame containing the copyright token, in your First page template, and moved the music frame till the bottom of the page, so that now the spacing of the music with your created Copyright text frame is not ideal

-having the copyright information not in the Template himself, and not using the Project infos and the corresponding text frame in the template, to make it appear, will be not advantageous if you then want to have the same informations in your parts.

I suggest that you use the Projects info to write your Copyright, that then will appear in the Copyright text frame that per default appears at the bottom of the First page template.

I suggest that you remove the page overrides (right click on the little page icon in engrave mode), then you can reset your Page Template Sets (giving you back the deleted Text Frame with the Copyright token in it) using the Library Manager (in menu Library): compare your project with the factory settings, and on the left choose Page Template Sets, click on the red symbol, and then apply: so you will have the factory template sets, and you can use again the Project Infos for the Copyright etc.

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That darn Puccini…

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