Condensing issue - SOLVED

Hi there,
I’m finishing an orchestral score I need to send like… yesterday. I have woodwinds x2 and everything is condensing fine except for the bassoons. They condense all right on the first page of the conductor score but then split apart on the second page and reunite ten pages later. There’s no manual condensing going on and no contradictions with my default options : they don’t play on the first page where they are condensed and play exactly the same for a few bars on the second page where the split happens.
Anybody have an idea where that might come from?

We need more info. Can you share the file? Or a screenshot of the system that won’t condense?

Have you tried manual condensing changes?

Hi Dan,
I just figure it out. It had to do with the number of notes crossing between the 2 bassoons.
I’ve been on this for two hours and of course, the light came the minute I’ve put the post. Thanks for your help and sorry for the panic.

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