Condensing issue with redundant indicators

Hi all, does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

From just a picture? No, no idea.

From the Four Simple Guidelines To Help Us Help You

[quote] 4. Post a project, not a picture
If you are having a problem with Dorico, the fastest way to get the help you need is to post the project, or a part of it, and not to post a screenshot.

So sorry! File is attached!
Arise, Your Light Has Come.dorico (775.6 KB)

This is the result of the setting “Allow mid-phrase unisons” (in Notation Options > Condensing). Note the two trumpets are unison on each of those F♯s. (The rest counts as “not unison” since it is not notes.) With “Prevent mid-phrase unisons” you get double-stemmed unisons instead of “a2” markings.

Also when I change this setting, I get “As from a distance” doubled in the condensed score. I can fix that by hiding the marking on the 2nd player – in the score only, so it still shows in the part.

Thanks so much Mark! Worked like a charm!