Condensing issue with rests

I’m trying condensing a score for the first time, and am having a few issues with it.

I found how to remove rests for the “2nd” instrument on a staff when there’s a lengthy solo for the 1st instrument. (you would never have whole bar rests for extended sections of bars with a solo instrument)

However, the fix for that seems to have caused issues with condensing other areas of the score.
The bassoon part I’m attaching seems to condense incorrectly. I know there has to be a way of fixing this. SO I’m obviously doing something wrong. Can someone help?

Obviously I require rests in both parts for this section, unlike that extended flute solo later where I do NOT want 2nd flute’s whole bar rests showing.

And this is what I do NOT want in any long solo for a 1st desk instrument:

You should be able to make using of Condensing Changes to alter how resting parts are displayed.

I tried the “Condensing Changes” and that works fine… except on the very first measure, which still appears like in the above example (extra rest underneath the 8th note)

The 2nd flute has only a whole bar rest in that measure. shouldn’t it just show the rests for flute 1?

Try this:

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 1.06.35 pm

No matter what I do I’m still getting that extra rest on the half of the last beat, under the flute’s first note.

could this be some artifact from this having been an XML import?

I’ll try reentering the notes and see what happens.

I eventually figured out the problem.
It’s the very last check box in that section: “minimum length to hide rests for silent players”.
That had to be set to “0” to have Dorico not take the last 8th note into consideration.

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Glad you figured it out!

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