condensing issue

I have a problem in a orchestral project I’m working right now:
I struggled to figure out how to make condensing working at the best potential in this score, but at some point , for few staves, the horn part simply doesn’t want to condense. I tried resetting everything , and still nothing. I tried then the manual condensing and sudenly for few pages everything is written in their staves dissapear and is replaced by whole note rests. Can I have any advice regarding that?

If it needed , I can send the whole project to check it, but is quite big.
Thanks guys!

With condensing, it’s always best to supply a .dorico file of your project, or else it is pure guesswork.
Could you zip your project and upload it so people in this forum can have a look at it?

You could also zip up just the portion of your file that exhibits the situation you are trying to solve. You could also set the Playback Template for that excerpted file to Silence to make the file size smaller, since condensing issues do not relate to the soundset.

I tried to upload it here, but even 2.5 mb it seems too big. Anyway, I provided a google drive link for the part where the problem is happening. In this part of the score, it starts at page 4. So Dorico doesn’t want to condense at all 3rd and 4th horn, and when I try to do manual condensing, it just shows no music, even tough when I see it uncondensed, everything is there. I tried everything , but nothing seems to work which makes me think is a bug, but if you find a solution, I would be very grateful.

also another bug in condensing is happening here at measure 62 at the clarinets : I tried to add a playing technique (same for both - pavillons en l’air) simillar with the oboes, and when I hit condensing, these two just dissapear. It’s very annoying and also on any other beat I try to add playing techniques for clarinet, when condensing, they dissapear.

Hi yusayit!
I opened your file, and page 5, horns 3 and 4 would not condense automatically (but they really tell different things, so not sure it’s a good idea to condense them!)
I put a manual condensing change in the picture and they’re condensed… Hope this helps !

hey marc, I tried the same, but after page 5 indeed the music disappears

Yes, something happens at bar 28…there I localized the problem. No matter what notes I change, no matter what I try, from that bar onwards, either no more condensing or if I hit manual condensing, no more music

I found the answer, after a lot of struggling, I realised that I included a time signature change which applied only for the 3rd horn, in order to make it easier to group the beats without using force duration. Because of that, Dorico didn’t condensed them anymore.