Condensing issues: disappearing trombones, instrument change issues


I’m loving the new condensing feature, which has been surprisingly hitch-free in a complex score. However, two issues are dogging me.

  1. For two bars (b55-6), the condensed trombones simply disappear from Page View, despite having notes in them in Galley View! I really have no idea what’s going on there.

  2. More explicably, the flutes at Figure D (b22) is prevent by the fact that the second flute is moving back from the Piccolo to Flute 2, which requires the little bit of text that says “Fl.” This isn’t altered by including dummy text in the previous system, which is frustrating! It would be great to be able to fix this in future iterations if it is not available now.

More generally, I wish Dorico could understand “spreads” as a unit for the hiding and condensing of staves. I often don’t want staves changing between spreads on a complex score as it makes it very hard for the conductor to follow. (Of course, the dream would be to be able to fully tweak such things!)

Nevertheless, amazed at how much time Dorico 3 has saved me on this project!

Joe, please post the project.

Hi! Sorry for the slow reply, I didn’t get a notification for some reason. Compressing doesn’t make the file small enough to post, but here are the PDFs.
LSO (1.23 MB)

Dear Joe,
If you choose Play menu>Playback template > Silence, the file will be really reduced in size and you’ll probably be able to attach it here (or a cut down version of it, if you want).

Disappearing trombones can normally found in the pub at the bar.

(sorry, couldn’t resist)

Ah amazing, I didn’t know that! Here it is:
LSO Piece – draft (1.07 MB)


That is strange.
Maybe not a solution but if you insert a system/frame brake between bars 55 and 56 the trombones are back.
By the way, i would advise that you group the dynamics of the 2nd trombone in bar 56 (unlink the f first), that way both dynamics (1st and 2nd trombones) will appear in the condensed part.


I think this is something to do with your tuplets. In these bars, specifically in the trombone parts, it’s not one 5:6 quaver tuplet per bar, it’s one 15:18 quaver tuplet that spans three bars. If I replace them with three separate 5:6 tuplets I get different results (the music shows up, though it’s not terribly well condensed).

We are aware of a problem where a condensed tuplet that crosses a system or frame break can cause a certain amount of chaos in the notes and rests in those tuplets, and we do plan to fix these problems as soon as we can. I haven’t had a chance to look at your project myself tonight, Joe, because I’m in the wrong time zone, I’m tired, and it’s late, but if this doesn’t explain what you’re seeing, I’ll come back and take a more detailed look.

Thanks so much for all the help! Pianoleo, your suggestion worked, it was just an issue with the cross-barline tuplets. Refaelv, your suggestion is also really helpful, thank you.