Condensing Issues with rhythmically identical material

Hello All,

Could someone tell me why the flutes and oboes are not condensing? I have tried different work a rounds for this, like creating a “Fts.” and “Obs.” staff, but there has to be something easier, right? The screen shot attached as with all settings reverted to default. Thanks for any help in advance!

From that picture, no. At the very least we need to see the whole phrase, up to the next set of rests in both instruments (that’s both Flutes 1 and 2, and both Oboes 1 and 2), seeing as Dorico makes condensing decisions a phrase at a time.

In many cases the project itself is necessary rather than a picture, given a picture can’t show us if anything’s hidden or different properties are set for seemingly identical material.

Thanks so much. I have attached the project. On another note, I don’t understand why in some cases is won’t let a player rest with a whole rest, instead of creating an entire staff.
Five Mystical Songs.dorico (2.2 MB)

Hi Stephen,

I just opened this file and I think the problem is as simple as you being in Gallery View rather than Page View. On a Mac, Alt-Cmd-1 will send you to Page View where you can use Condensing. It worked straight away for me.

You can’t use Condensing in Gallery View.

Today’s trivia. There’s no ‘r’ in Galley View. :wink:

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Omg I never actually looked at the word lol now I googled “Dorico gallery view” and I get “did you mean ‘Dorico galley view’?”

I’m never posting again :man_facepalming:

:laughing: You’re far from the only person to make that mistake.

Alas, that’s no “consolidation” I’m afraid.

Hey, at least I expressed it confidently right? And I think I was giving good advice?

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No harm done. After all wouldn’t one rather work in a gallery than work on a galley?

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I got the condensing working properly. Is there any hack that would force Dorico to separate parts? Say, if the parts really varied?

Condensing is largely an automated process and operates based on the decisions you make in Notation Options > Condensing. You can override any of these settings locally, for specific instruments, by creating a Condensing Change (Engrave menu), selecting the relevant players and tweaking the relevant options (which aren’t necessarily well explained in the Condensing Change dialog but perfectly mirror Notation Options > Condensing). You can then revert your local tweaks or change them again from another Condensing Change.

At the bottom of the Condensing Change dialog there are options for Manual Condensing, which gives you the ability to split out your players to separate voices or separate staves. On the whole, if the options are set correctly elsewhere (in Notation Options, globally, or in the top section of the Condensing Change dialog) then you shouldn’t often, if ever, need to resort to Manual Condensing as Dorico will already have made the right decision.