Condensing Issues

I’m working on an assignment for Orchestration class and chose Dorico as my notation tool and I’m having ALL KINDS of problems. The most prominent problem currently is that I cannot seem to convince the program to condense correctly. No matter how I come at it, I can’t get my. condensed instruments to show that they’re condensed on the first page of my score. I even set up custom groupings (i.e. bassoon 1 and bassoon 2) but it will not do what it’s supposed to do. What am I missing?

I’m having similar issues. I stops condensing on some staves randomly, and manual condensing just omits notes. Not production ready I guess.

Welcome to the forum, both.

Please show some specific examples in order that we can help you. There are almost definitely specific answers and good reasons for why Dorico’s not doing what you want it to. Condensing in Dorico is far from unworkable but does often require a little more user input than just turning it on.

If you need some help with figuring out how to prepare examples to attach that will allow us to help you, this post has some helpful advice.

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