Condensing: Last page looks quite different

Well… I know that the few bars on the last page don’t need as much space vertically because the material is much simpler than on the pages before… Nevertheless, this doesn’t look good.
Any ideas on how to convince Dorico to use the same condensing configuration and vertical spacing on the last page as on the pages before?
(I did not add any condensing changes yet; this was the result after activating condensing for the first time on this piece.)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The two settings you want are for horizontal justification and vertical justification. Tweak those (ie lower them) and the page should be justified in both directions, provided it’s now over the minimum thresholds.

You may also find the score can handle a slightly larger staff size, which would also help the last page get over the minimum thresholds for justification and if possible/practical might be welcomed by the conductor.