Condensing loses rest

I’ve run into this issues several times, and am stumped as what causes it. When condensing, the quarter rest on beat one is not being displayed in ms. 13. I’ve set all Notation and Engraving options to show rests and NOT display player labels, but the labels appear regardless. Even if I enter an explicit rest, it does not show when condensed. What causes this to not display properly? I’m enclosing a cut-down score file with the graphic. Ideas?

Hallelujah - condensing problem.dorico (934.5 KB)

I think this is the same issue that was discussed Sept. 2021 and Jan. 2022. Do those threads help?

Those posts help create a solution to the problem, but I’m more interested in WHY it occurs in the first place. I know that the whole condensing process is still under development, but is this a bug of some sort? I randomly discovered this in a short piece just before printing; I’d hate to have to examine every measure in a longer score for any similar condensing issues.

Rests shouldn’t disappear for any reason. Even if I manually create an explicit rest, it disappears when condensing. Why?

I agree that Dorico should show the quarter rest at the start of this bar. The issue arises from the fact that the boundaries between phrases are hard cut-offs: notes and rests cannot be notated as a single item that crosses a phrase boundary. In this case, the new phrase begins not at the start of the bar where the second trumpet comes in, but at the point of its first note. Dorico treats the first and second instrument slightly differently: if you open your example and select the music in galley view for the two trumpets from bar 13 to the end and use the Edit > Paste Special > Swap command, you’ll see that bar 13 looks different when it’s the first trumpet that has its phrase starting there.

You’ll also notice that the second trumpet, which is now resting for that whole bar, has to show separate quarter and half rests rather than a bar rest, because notes and rests cannot be notated across phrase boundaries.

If you set Allow mid-phrase unisons to Allow mid-phrase unisons on the Condensing page of Notation Options, you’ll get the busier version with the quarter rest shown for trumpet 2 and the broken up rests in trumpet 1. Those are your options, as things stand.