Condensing loses slurs

Hahaha. Very good!

It’s trickier to reduce than I thought — from — down to — and 1 timps not 2.

Hi @dspreadbury ! I often get this behaviour (where condensing hides slurs and/or dynamics). I wonder if it’s been looked at by the Dorico Team and if there’s any workarounds or solutions to it that I’m not aware of. Thanks.

Normally the reason for these problems is that the slurs and dynamics are not identical on the source staves. If you would like to cut your project down to a troublesome passage of a few bars for a few instruments and upload it here, we can take a look to see specifically what’s going on.

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Thank you, Daniel! I’ll make sure to do so once I find the spots I meant. I’ve been really busy, sorry! But there are a few quirky bugs (that I’m sure you already know about) in condensing that it would be great squashing soon—if only to make a great feature even better.