Condensing Max # of Pitch Crosses

Hi All,

I know Condensing is still not fully implemented, but wanted to note that under “Notation Options / Condensing”, my selection of “Limit Pitch Crossing” = On and “Maximum number of pitch crosses in region” = 0 does not seem to impact whether or not a particular system condenses.

Those are my current settings and I’m still getting this…

These settings only work where the instruments’ phrases start at the same time. As far as I can tell, phrases are defined by the location of rests. Your two clarinets clearly don’t have the same phrases.

Thanks, Pianoleo, but why wouldn’t you want to prevent crossing in all situations vs only those where there are similar phrases?

No one’s saying that’s the rule per se, but that’s where condensing is at present. Doubtless there will be further options added as the feature matures.

Well I for one would support the option of preventing condensing if there are any crosses! Or alternatively, the crosses could be made to look amazingly awesome… :smiley:

I definitely agree with driscollmusick that this feels opaque at the moment and not desirable. (Obviously only my opinion, but) Saying I want 0 crosses should prevent condensing when there are (um) any crosses, regardless of where Dorico decides phrases begin and end.