Condensing music with ornaments

I have some parts when winds playing a2 that have some ornaments. At a certain point in the phrase, Dorico starts condensing with double stems. I’ve gone back and copy and pasted, but it still does it.

Any work-arounds?

If you have the most recent Pro version, you can put in a Condensing Change and force single-stem notation everywhere without any workarounds.
From the 3.0 version history, however:

Ornaments and trills. > Ornaments and trills are considered when determining whether unison or shared stem condensation is possible. For trills, both the duration and the effective interval is considered. If the ornaments differ, the maximum possible condensation is a shared staff.

Without seeing your score it’s impossible to tell if single-staff notation would even be possible within the default settings.

Thanks for the answer. Don’t understand why it wasn’t working. The are 3 flutes in the score, and in that passage 1 & 2 were unis. And Dorico was showing Flute 3 on the left even though he wasn’t playing. It’s surely extremely complex to code this, but it seems there are still some hitches…

I ended up just un-condensing that passage…

I’m willing to bet there’s some combination of global settings and condensing changes which give you exactly what you expected but again, without seeing the score it’s next to impossible to troubleshoot.

There are options to control how to show an instrument that is not playing at all. You can keep the instrument number in the staff label even if there is nothing displayed on the staff, for example.

But (as Daniel keeps telling people!) without seeing the project we are just guessing what you might have done.