Condensing - Note doubling divisi problem

I appreciate if anyone can help me with this div. and condensing problem: Unwanted note doubling appears whenever double stops are written when Condensing.

Following are pictures of both the Engrave and Galley views. Included also is the Dorico file.

div doubling problem.dorico (392.1 KB)

Just to let you know that I tried, but I’m sorry I didn’t find a solution either.

If Dorico did not display the double-stops as it did, how would the players (or conductor, at least) know these were double-stops?

Not that Dorico should not allow you to do what you want; but, if you did, you might want to think about that situation.

Thank you for looking into this. The only solution I found was to simply reduce the divisi from 4 to 2 - but it takes lots of time when working with
a large orchestral score…

Thank you for looking into this raw example of mine. Of course you are right - I should have put non div. at its right place in this example. However, that indication would not have changed the double note problem.

So, if I am overlooking something, I am thankful for any suggestion.

I’m afraid this isn’t something that Dorico really handles at the moment. Divisi condensing is unusual in that it allows chords at all: for all other instruments that Dorico performs condensing for, chords are explicitly disallowed. But in this situation Dorico should either prevent condensing or be clever enough to know that both divided sections are playing the same double-stops and only show a single notehead for each pitch. I’ll make sure this gets put on our backlog to be looked at in a future version.

Thank you for checking this out - and yes, it would be great to have this feature in future.