Condensing omit label entry second player

I am experimenting witch condensing. No matter which combination of hiding rests I choose the entry of the second player (with second voice) is still labelled “2”. It is obvious that this is the second player. Is there any condition I could use in a condensing change to omit showing the “2” on its entry?


When you double up multiple instruments in a Player, condensing only works for the first instrument.

(And unless you are using a score in concert pitch the transposition of the Eng. Hn. is bound to give trouble in your Barvinsky arrangement.)

Thanks, Derrek. I am aware of that and I do not need condensing for the Cor Anglais, just for the Oboes, so all is good. The first instrument is the Oboe. I’ve moved the Cor Anglais to a separate player to test it and as expected the problem is still there even with just two Oboes, see screenshot

I don’t think you can remove players as you wish without showing Player 2 rests from the beginning.

You can hide them though, which is what I do many times - especially with lots of “a2”’s popping up.

Thanks, yes I’ll go for hiding right now, but still it puzzles me. I don’t understand the logic of the algorithm here, especially because I thought the condensing changes were made for exactly that: changes to the previous set of rules.