Condensing Parts in Scores (Dorico 5) on Mobile

I’m trying to figure out condensing on Mobile for Dorico Pro, but I just can’t seem to get it…seeing as I purchased it three days ago I might just need some direction! Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, @k_harris56. I’m afraid condensing is not included in Dorico for iPad – its functionality without a subscription is roughly equivalent to Dorico SE on the desktop, and with a subscription it’s roughly equivalent to Dorico Elements, but only Dorico Pro includes condensing.

Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully condensing will become available in a future update, but I’m still surprised to see a lack of this even with Dorico Pro…I’ll be patient though!

There is no lack of condensing on Dorico Pro; Dorico for iPad is the equivalent of Dorico Elements (with a subscription). Dorico Pro is exclusively a desktop/laptop program.

Ohh. Sorry for the misconception…I am still relatively new to this program, so if possible, would you mind telling me the process of condensing with the Dorico Elements? I’m probably still not understanding it to the fullest capacity.

As Daniel says above, condensing is not possible in Dorico Elements. Aside from saving up funds and taking advantage of educational, cross-upgrades, or other discounted avenues to upgrade to Pro, the best option is to use separate voices on a single staff to simulate condensing.

If one takes this approach, the best route (for a future in which one ultimately owns Pro) would be to initially enter each instrument on its own staff and then use copy/paste-special to copy each player into a combined staff for the instrument group, one part into the upstem voice and the other into the downstem voice. Then use layouts to show the combined staves in the conductor score but use the separate staves for individual instrument parts.

Otherwise, if one works quickly and has only one project to do, one could use the Dorico Pro Trial version to do the job in 60 days or less.

Best wishes for your work on the project. Dorico Pro is well worth the cost and learning curve for those who do the kind of work that it has been designed for, but I realize not everyone can afford it right off the bat.

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I understand! I should be able to buy a monitor or desktop later this year so that I can experiment with the rest of the features I would be missing. Thank you!