Condensing problem, bizarre.


A bizarre problem.

  1. I am unable to condense this score without deleting the first measure.
  2. Deleting the first measure allows condensing to occur, but also removes the notes from the first horn and first trumpet from the rest of the piece.

I’ve tried various things, none of which work. Probably some obvious thing I am missing but I am stumped.

Thanks for any suggestions. (536 KB)

This is odd. Couple of questions:
1.) was this an xml import?
2.) why are there so many explicit rests in certain parts but not others (this could be throwing the automatic calculations)
3.) are you aware that condensing was not enabled in the layout options for the full score?

(I’m still not making headway with this.)

There is something odd with violins 1&2. They are condensed on the first page although no other instruments are.

Well, I cannot for the life of me figure this out. The good news is, if you add a new measure two, c&p everything from measure 1 into it and then delete measure 1, it all starts working again, no notes lost.

The first instruments are strange. You can’t even change the instrument on them. If you create a new oboe, clarinet and all other instuments, where you can’t change the instrument, and copy the material from this instrument to this new instrument and delete the old instrument, the parts will condese. A bit of work, but at least it works.

I noticed that you cannot change the instrument too. This has to be an XML import that went wonky.

All the explicit bar rests and the local clefs (if this is the correct name) also lead to this conclusion.

Yes, I realize that it was uploaded without consolidation set - I thought that was better to demonstrate the problems…

Yes, it was an XML import that I then put a lot of work into… @Romanos401, I did try what you suggest already before I posted: adding a new measure two, entering the notes from mm1 into it and then deleting measure one. Yes, the conslidation then works but the first horn and first trumpet notes are then missing. It also proves impossible to paste them into the new parts.

I have a lot of XML files I need to do this with on Dorico, so if it is XML related, this is very disappointing.

sdb2, I found a soultion. Switch on View --> Signposts --> Staff Count Changes and delete the signposts “+1 staff, - 2 staves” and everything will condense.

Heiko’s correct that instruments with extra staves can’t participate in condensing, so it may be prudent to create new players holding those instruments in Setup mode, then copy and paste the wanted material (but not the staff count change signposts!) from the original instruments to the new ones.

@Heipet: Thank you so much! However, deleting those signposts also deletes the music from the parts I mentioned earlier (hrn1 and trpt 1), so I will also follow @daniel’s suggestion to create new players.

Thank you both so much!