Condensing Problem in Dorico 5

I have discovered a problem with condensing changes in Dorico 5 as illustrated by this project:
Condensing Problem.dorico (506.2 KB)

This project has two flutes and two oboes, a full score layout and two part layouts, one for both flutes and one for both oboes. In the part layout for the flutes, a condensing change has been applied to the beginning of each system so that both flutes can share one staff in the second system.

Condensing changes are supposed to be specific to one layout. However, if I attempt to change the condensing at the beginning of any system in the full score layout or the part layout for the oboes, I see the settings for the condensing change at that location in the part layout for the flutes and cannot change any settings for the oboes.

There is no problem when I open this project with Dorico 4.

Thanks for reporting this, John. I can confirm the problem, and we’ll fix this as soon as we can.


Daniel, thank you for solving this problem so quickly. :slightly_smiling_face: