Condensing problem: secondary instruments not condensable

Hello, in one flow in my project, i have my trumpet and horn section switch to secondary instruments:

C trumpet 1 → picc trumpet
C trumpet 2 → flugelhorn
C trumpet 3 → Bb trumpet 1
C trumpet 4 → Bb trumpet 2

Horn 1-4 → Wagner Tuba 1-4

I’ve been trying to condense the Bb trumpets and the Wagner tubas but have failed to do so. These players face no problems in the other flows.

I have uploaded the file here as well, the flow in question is at page 39 in page view mode. I also kindly request for the file to be removed once it has been downloaded by a mod for checking…

There’s nothing to check. You’ve come up against a documented limitation with Condensing.

Please read the Condensing Calculations and Limitations page in the manual: Condensing calculations and considerations

If these players only switch instruments for entire movements, consider using an entirely separate set of players for these movements. Then assign both the Bb Trumpet 1 and C Trumpet 3 Players (two separate players) to the same part layout. Rinse and repeat for the others.


Thanks for this as well as the workaround!