Condensing problem (trumpets, trombone+tuba)


First of all, a huge thank you to the team for this fantastic new version of Dorico!

Second: I seem to have a problem with condensing. Most of the time it works well, but I have two questions:
In the attached pic you can see that the trumpets won’t condense, neither automatically nor when I try to do it manually.
The trombone and tuba won’t condense either.
Is this the expected behaviour, or am I doing something wrong?

All the best!

EDIT: I misunderstood Rob (and learned something new (solo players: Arabic numerals, section players: Roman numerals).

Rob Tuley mentioned that roman numerals prevent condensing:

Hmm, that’s weird, because I use roman numerals for the flutes etc. and that works just fine…

Have you manually edited the Player names? Make sure, that every instrument uses a solo player. At the moment condensing doesn’t work with section players.

No, what I said was that by default you get roman numerals on section players, and you can’t condense section players.

If you set the Engraving Rule to show roman numerals on ALL section players, condensing works fine (though the condensed score shows Arabic numerals, which seems like a little bug…)

Since we can’t see the project, we don’t know WHY these players have roman numerals in their names.

Yes, I have. I will try to get them back to standard.

They’re all solo players though.

Nope, that didn’t fix it.

OK, it seems to be the fact that the players have more than one instrument.

If your players have more than one instrument, AFAIK condensing will work on the first instrument held by each player, but not for the other instruments.

There was a thread yesterday where somebody asked about condensing Flute 1, Flute 2/Alto Flute and Flute 3/Piccolo, and it definitely worked for situations like Flute 1.3 condensed on one staff and Alto Flute on a different staff.

I guess that is something that will be developed a bit further along the line. It makes no sense have the two trumpets in A being condensed in one flow and the two trumpets in Bb not being condenses in the next flow. But the condensing function is still in its infancy, so I can live with it not being perfect from the get-go.

If they are only used in separate flows, you can make four separate players (two trumpets in A and two in Bb) and combine two players in each part. Then everything will condense.

But if the players change instruments in the middle of a flow, that is a limitation in the current version. It probably affects clarinets more than brass, at least in 19th century scores before clarinets in Bb were used to play almost everything.

You don’t have to re-enter the music - just create two new empty handed players in setup mode and drag the A trumpet instruments onto them.

Thanks! That seems like a pretty easy workaround.