Condensing problem

First, I think, Dorico does quite good the condensing job.

(I found out that it relies (when it comes to indicate the “1.”, “2.” and “ad 2” etc.) on the automatic numbering of same instruments in the setup - it does not work if you replace the default eg. Fl. with Fl.1 for a player. May be this could be mentioned in the program description.)

But, I found some problems (in a quite old and big score, subject to many changes up to now…)

  1. there are strange groups in the Layout-Options-Dialog (see jpg)
  • how come the ordering “Trp. 1 - 3 - 2”; there is no reason for that in the setup and numbering of instruments.
  • how come a “Trp. 1 - 3” as a group for flow (“partie”) 5: flow 5 does not contain any trumpet als player (it only contains a nameless voice dummy instrument for a music frame on page 2).
  • how come the ordering of flows (“partie”) 2 - 3 - 1 - 4 for Trumpets and Trombones ? There is no reason for this ordering in the setup of groups and instruments… (all flows, ordered 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 contain all the same solo players…)
  1. And then there is something wrong when it comes to condensing in flows 2 and 3 - whereas in the flows 1 and 4 everything is ok, maybe this corresponds in some way with the background of the strange grouping (2-3-1-4) in the dialog?

The notation options for condensing are identically set for all flows.

The material does not present any of the points mentioned in the dorico3-version-history that would hinder condensing.

Condensing would be e.g. perfectly possible for the 4 horns (configurerd as special condense group 1-2 and 3-4) - but all along the flow 2 and 3 the horns are excluded from condensing and presented in 4 staves …! Trumpets should be condensed to one system 1-2-3, but in flow 2 first page we find two systems 1 (with notes) and 2-3 (empty), then - page two - spit up in 2-1 (empty line) and 3 (with notes), then - page tree - appears one system (other empty line) numbered 2- 1- 3 - … all variants against the settings in the options dialog (one line, 1-2-3 - the note materal would make this possible).

Daniel: may I again send you a really big file?

Although I do not really want to wade through an enormous project file, no, I cannot diagnose the problem without seeing the project. If you can please try to cut it down to the minimal case that reproduces the problem, that would save me some time. Please remember there are thousands of you and only one of me, so you can collectively generate problems and ask questions a lot faster than I can answer them.