Condensing problems: Slurs, dynamics, double noteheads

Hi everybody,
I have some questions regarding condensing:

  • I’d like to know if the issue with disappearing slurs at condensing changes is fixed by now in current versions (I still use Dorico 3.5)?
  • The dynamics for one instrument disappear in the condensed score (one staff for 2 flutes, only one flute playing with rests of the other flute hidden).
  • I have four bassoons in the score, that are either a4 or split in two groups a2. a4 works fine, but 2x a2 leads to double noteheads, if I want the notes on one stem (see attached image). Is there a solution for this problem?

Thanks very much for the help!


You can make another condensing change when you have 2x a2, and then flip the appropriate stems and prolongate them, and set the voice index for the bassoon 3 and 4 to 0 (and edit the custom text for the upper two bassoons…)

Dorico file example:
bassoon a4 stems.dorico (933.2 KB)



Thank you very much, works like a charm (while feeling a bit like the Sibelius kind of fiddeling). Any ideas for my other two questions?

Could you post a minimal example for the other 2 issues? (Dorico file)

But for the slurs the last post that I found says this: