Condensing problems

I am having some problems with condensing. Although I have the notation options to “Hide rests and label active player” and “Hide rests at any position” set, many parts are showing rests and putting dynamics above the staff. See the below picture: Horns 1&2 in the second measure and both sets of horns in the fifth and sixth measures. Also, the Bb in Horn 4 measure 4 in the full score shows a half note, here it is inexplicably shown as a dotted quarter tied to an eighth. I have tried adding numerous “reset” condensing changes at various locations along here with no effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind, I was able to fix it with a reset to Factory and then resetting the desired options.

Interesting. I was going to say for this particular example, trading bars, I would rather see the rests and stem directions. But that’s up to you.