Condensing question: mix of stem/up down and amalgamated (?) stems

In the full score, I’m trying to show stem/up and down for the area in the orange box (due to voice crossing). Everything else, I’d like to keep as is. I’ve poked around the condensing changes dialog quite a bit but to no success. I’d appreciate any tips here (or to even know if this is possible).
bsn-condensing.dorico (754.3 KB)

Add a condensing change at the start of bar 2, and use manual condensing to put the bassoons into up-stem/down-stem voices.

Add another condensing change at the start of bar 4, resetting manual condensing.

OMG - amazeballs! :smile: I had been thinking that I was limited to one condensing change per system. So, my entire score just has the changes applied to the first measure of each frame. I’ll gleefully go back to entering mid-system changes like this now. Thx so much, @Lillie_Harris !

Exactly, condensing is different to divisi, where divisi changes that add/remove staves are limited to one per system. You can have condensing changes wherever you want, and indeed often being able to restart phrases (by adding a condensing change and ticking a condensing group’s checkbox but doing nothing beyond that) at very specific positions can resolve various stem issues very easily.