Condensing questions?

My first big score since 3.5 came out.

I have 2 trumpets, if just Trp. 1 plays, I’d like to see only “Trp. 1” in the margin and not “Trp. 1.2”, is that possible?

My Flute 2 also plays Piccolo. On page 1 where no Flutes play, can I just see “Flutes 1.2”?

What is everyone’s workflow for big and long pieces regarding condensing? I have a 300 page Opera on my hands?

Many thanks!

Take a look at the options under ‘Inactive Players’ on the ‘Condensing’ page of Notation Options. If you specify that inactive players are assigned to their own staff, then you can use hide empty staves to hide the empty Trumpet 2 staff on the systems where it’s not playing.

Because piccolo cannot be condensed with flute, you will not see Piccolo in a condensed staff label for your two flute players when Flute 2 is not playing piccolo.

The best approach to workflow for condensing is to switch condensing on at the end of the composition process. First experiment with changing the options on the Condensing page of Notation Options to get the overall result as close as possible to your preferences. Then use Engrave > Condensing Change as required to override Dorico’s results where you find it necessary to do so.